Kitesurf Barcelona is your kitesurf community, offering a platform for likeminded kitesurfers to get together. It’s a social club, where you can find other kiters to go on a road trip with, make friends and memories, and learn new things in the growing world of kite. We organize events regularly, meet up when we can and most importantly: meet on the beach to kite together!

Come meet new people, share ideas, learn new things and join us on amazing kite trips to windy destinations! We all share the same passion, you too? 


Beach etiquette

As a beginner kitesurfer, the first few times kitesurfing on your own can be a challenging experience – especially when going kitesurfing on a beach you’ve never been before. What to do?! Well, follow these simple steps!

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The fun of foiling

Foiling has grown a lot in popularity over the last years. In Castelldefels you can see more and more people getting into foiling, but what is it exactly, how does it work and why is it so much fun?! Find out if it’s something for you…

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Getting to know KSB

Kitesurf Barcelona is a kitesurfing club for everyone who practices the sport in and around the Barcelona area. Its aim is to bring together the kite community, where all members get the chance to meet new kiters, share rides to windy beaches…

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2020 Winter Kitecamp: DAKHLA!

WHEN: 22 – 29 February 2020
WHERE: Dakhla, Morocco

WHAT: Come skip winter with us! We’re staying directly on the kite beach for 7 nights.  The stay is including breakfast, lunch, dinner, WiFi and airport transfer. Kiteconditions: a steady 18kts on a flat lagoon, warm weather, surrounded by an incredible desert and likeminded people. 

It doesn’t get any better! Write us for more info/ bookings.