Kitesurf Barcelona offers a platform for likeminded kitesurfers to get together. It’s a social club, where you can find other kiters to go on a road trip with, make friends and memories, and learn new things in the growing world of kite. We organize events regularly, meet up when we can and most importantly: meet on the beach to kite together! Here you can learn more about our club and register as a member.

Become a member!

Kitesurf Barcelona is an official Kitesurf Club in the Castelldefels/Barcelona area. This means that the club works based on membership; members need to pay a yearly membership fee and then you will get invited to all things organized by KSB!

So why should you become a member?
As a member, you will get to know many fellow kitesurfers on monthly meet-ups, you can join events and workshops, will be informed on any kitesurf camps we organize and are able to get nice discounts, you’ll be the first to know the best deals on new gear, the list goes on and on… The membership fee is just 20€ per year. Signing up is really easy; just fill in the form below and we will email you shortly after with more info!