Kitesurf Barcelona organizes events and workshops regularly, think of monthly meet-ups, kitesurf camps, masterclasses. Members of the KSB club can attend these events for free! Below you can find an overview of the upcoming events we have organized.

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FEATURED: Sardinia Kitecamp

WHEN: 1 June – 30 September 2020
WHERE: La Caletta, Sardinia, Italy

WHAT: Yes! It’s happening again! The Sardinia Kitecamp summer 2020 plans are already in the making. As a KSB Club Member, you can profit from some great Early Bird Discounts. Want to know more about the camp, get in touch!

EVENT: Monthly meet up

WHERE: A random cool place in the area, TBD!

WHAT: Every month we get the chance to meet the members of the KSB community. This is the best place to find your kite buddies for your next kite roadtrip, exchange experiences and kite stories, and just have a good time with people sharing the same interests as you. Want to receive an email about the upcoming location?

MINI COURSE: Foiling 101

WHERE: Mojokite Kitesurf School, Castelldefels, Barcelona

WHAT: Foiling has been around for a while now, but it’s still growing in popularity. In this workshop you will learn the basics of kitesurfing with a foil board, what you need to take into account as a beginner foilboarder in terms of different boards and fins, and all the safety measures involved with using the board.

WORKSHOP: Reading the forecast

WHERE: Kohsi Garden Cafe, Castelldefels, Barcelona

WHAT: Reading the forecast to know if there will be wind for kitesurfing can be a bit of a challenge. Wind direction, temperature, overcast, air pressure, location – all these things and more can have a positive or negative effect on your kite session. We will teach you all we know about reading the forecast.