The four best kite beaches of Barcelona

In this article we explain you all the ins and outs of the four best kite beaches around Barcelona: Castelldefels; Sant Pere Pescador near Girona; Riumar & El Trabucador near Tarragona. Find your concise forecast, spot rules and regulations, and after-kite-beer information here!
Important information: there are some general rules regarding kitesurfing in summer, which apply to the kite spots in our area. Between January – May and October – December, you can basically kite anywhere you want. However, during the summer months (between 1 June and 30 September) the beaches are so crowded that there are rules and kitesurf zones that we need to respect. Please make sure to check to the local rules before pumping your kite!


The nearest kitebeach to Barcelona is Castelldefels. Castelldefels is a beach village with a very long (10km) and wide stretch of natural sand. From Barcelona centre its only a 30 min drive. Its also possible to go by train, the train stop is right at the beach.
Conditions: The water is mostly flat/choppy, the wind is steady and smooth. On a good day you can get 20 knots, but the average wind speed in Castelldefels is around 16 knots. This kitebeach is very beginner friendly as it has lots of space, no rocks and onshore wind. Also a good place to learn how to kitesurf! The best kitesurf school on the bay is our affiliated school, Mojokite
Forecast: By far the best wind direction is SW – this is the most dominant wind direction for Castelldefels beach. If you see this direction on the forecast, you can expect it’s reliable and if it’s sunny you will usually get about 30% stronger wind than the forecast says, as it is a thermal wind direction. You can also get an okay kitesurf session with direction E or SE, but this is only worth it if forecast says at least 15 knots. 
Do not go to Castelldefels with any N wind direction (NW, N, NE) – this is an offshore forecast. The wind will come from the big mountian range of Garraf, so the wind is completely blocked and it will be impossible and dangerous to go out kitesurfing, even for the advanced riders!
After kite: Nachos, burgers, wraps and mojitos in Takua! Try telling the staff the secret password: “living the vida kitesurf” – you might just get a nice chupito!

Sant Pere Pescador

About 1,5hrs to the north of Barcelona you can find another beautiful and fun kite beach: Sant Pere Pescador. It’s located in a big bay with lots of space, but it does get very crowded in the summer. It’s a popular kitesurf destination for tourists as it has almost the same wind statistics as Tarifa. There are some campings around the kitebeach and also a small village 5mins driving distance from the kitebeach. 
Conditions: The water is mostly flat/choppy. The wind is steady and smooth when coming side on shore. When the wind is side shore or slightly offshore it can still be kiteable, but it will be a little gusty. Most windy days you will get around 17/25 knots.  With side-onshore wind this beach is beginner / lesson friendly, a safe place to enjoy a good day of kiting as it has lots of space and no rocks or reefs. 
Forecast: By far the best wind directions to see on the forecast is SE, it’s reliable and if it’s sunny you can expect 30% more wind than the forecast says as it is a thermal wind. This is also the most dominant direction here, and this forecast is definitely worth the roadtrip from Barcelona. You can also get a good session with direction S, but it will be more gusty wind and less onshore / more side shore (so not recommended for kitesurfing beginners). E direction will be straight onshore, which can be okay wind and kiteable, but it will get more crowded as it’s sometimes a challenge to get out and upwind for most people – so again, mostly recommended for more advanced kiters.  The other wind direction which you will see quite often on the forecast in Sant Pere, is direction North, the Tramontana. This is a very strong wind, agressive, gusty and slightly offshore, and sometimes also brings in a swell. This wind is only usable for very experienced riders! 
In general, you can expect a pretty heavy and aggressive beach break during the colder months, some days will even bring actual waves! So also keep an eye on the wave forecast if you are not ready for the rough water yet.
After kite: In the summer, just grab a beer on the beach in on of the chiringuitos, especially on weekends you can often also find live music and lively ambience. When it’s low season you can also find an after-kite drink in the camping bar. A big must is to get a massive and delicious pizza at Pizza Eric, in the small village of Sant Pere Pescador. You can call ahead to book a table, as they easily get booked up. If you’re in more of a rush to get back or just want to eat quick, you can also take the pizza to go!

Delta del Ebro: Riumar

At a two hour drive to the south from Barcelona you will find kitesurf paradise Riumar. If you go here with the right conditions, you will possibly have one of the best kitesurf sessions of your life! It’s located in the Delta del Ebro, which is a flat rice field area and feels deserted, away from society surrounded by lots of nature and emptiness. Some weekends it gets nice and busy, but it rarely gets overcrowded, and on weekdays it can almost feel like a private kite beach. 

Conditions: The water is mostly flat/choppy – you can sometimes find some waves near the riverbed, if you want them. The wind is steady, smooth and usually pretty strong. Most windy days you will get between 20/35 knots. Often, the wind is even stronger than forecasted, so be sure to bring your smaller kite along. From the kitebeach you can go out and enjoy some small swell/chop, or you can stay more downwind and find the entrance of the small lagoon with butter smooth water.
Forecast: The only good, working wind direction in Riumar is NW to N. It’ s reliable and mostly starts early in the morning, comes down a little in the mid day and then picks up again in the late afternoon. NW wind works opposite of thermal effect, meaning it works better when it’s less hot. For this reason, this wind direction will work well before and after summer and also works on cloudy days.  With a 18+ NW on the forecast it is definitely worth the roadtrip from Barcelona, but do make sure you leave on time as the morning conditions are by far the best! Also, often with NW forecast you will see a few consecutive days predicted with the same wind and it’s a good idea to go there for two or three days as it’s quite a drive along a pricey toll road. With any wind direction from the east or south, Riumar is not the place to be and its recommended to drive to Trabucador, read more below in next chapter. 
After kite: Best to have low expectations for the after kite ambience. One beach bar just next to the kitebeach has basic tapas and drinks, ran by kitesurfers so almost always open on the windy days. Also, you will find one restaurant at the end of the bay with a donkey in the garden, if it’s open (usually between late April to mid-October), they have some nice pizza and warm dishes. Friendly owners! If you are staying for the night, check out the nice appartements right next to the kitebeach: Las Dunas. Fair price and comfortable place! 

Delta del Ebro: Trabucador

A little over two hours driving from Bcn to the south, you can find a long long stretch of beach, with the open water on one side, and a massive lagoon to the other side. This place is special, as it’s in the middle of  a huge flat delta land, surrounded by rice fields, natural space, and hardly any buildings or trees. Just nature and water, perfect for kitesurfers! It’s a pretty long drive but the scenery is worth it – especially if you have the chance to stay for the weekend, for example! Do make sure to only go with a good wind forecast, in case of no wind it can be a bit boring, as there is nothing else to do than kitesurfing (unless you’re into bird watching) and it’s a popular place for mosquitos.
Conditions: The wind is steady and consistent. Most windy days are around 16/20 knots. The water is flat, some places on the lagoon are pretty shallow and butter smooth. There is an endless amount of space, you will definitely have a feeling of freedom. Also, some areas are waistdeep, which is good to practice tricks – but the ground does feel muddy and has weeds and shells etc, so not very nice to walk in barefoot. 
Forecast: Any wind direction coming from the south is perfect for the Trabucador lagoon. Especially on the hot days in the summer, as it’s a thermal wind. It’s pretty reliable and if it’s sunny you can always expect 30% more wind than the forecast says. Incase the forecast predicts more east-direction wind, which is slightly offshore on the lagoon, you always have the option to cross over and kite on the open water (but this is not allowed in high summer when the beach is more crowded – then you can only kite in the kite zone on the lagoon). With north wind direction, Riumar will have better conditions – see above. 
After kite: There is one bar on the kitebeach which has a nice hangout, but it does have plastic cups and overpriced drinks. A very good option is to bring a cooler and snacks and have your after kite drink on the beach and enjoy the empty space and nature. Also, Trabucador has a beautifull sunset, a must see!